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Online Tekken

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June 13th, 2013

Well… I’m a little annoyed. Waiting for Tekken X Streetfighter for already an eternity is really irritating. I’m seriously following this game by reading articles, YouTube and whatever. First news I found was in 2009. I found out that the development of this game was at 10%. And not long ago I found out that Katsuhiro Harada ( the producer of Tekken), saying that they’re releasing the game on the next gen consoles ( bastards). Tekken Tag 2 was real fun for me (Tekken fan). Namco Bandai released an online Tekken game called Tekken Revolution.


This game is released 2 days ago as a free to play online Tekken game specific for the Playstation 3. The reason not for Xbox Katsuhiru quotes This is no suprise given that many free-to-play MMO`s have been canned over the Xbox 360’s generational lifespan. Free-to-play games usually run into a problem on Microsoft’s console because there’s no financial incentive forcing people to pay for the game or the console’s services. Usually there’s some sort of dispote involving the game’s patching, cash shop and the Xbox Live Gold fees’.

But, Tekken Revolution brings a lesser choice of characters, a total of 8. The reason of this choice is that hardcore players as for the beginners is that players easily remember combo’s and weaknesses for more strategic game experience. The characters you choose from are King (YEAH), Kazuya, Lili, Law, Paul, Asuka, Jack and Leo. More can be unlocked with gift points or in future releases.

The modes that are playable are:

  • Arcade  ( remember the story mode of other Tekken except there are no story. Only 1-1 battle, best out of three)
  • Ranked match  ( online against other players for higher ranks)
  • Player match  ( same as Ranked match but without the ranks)
  • Character Enchancement ( upgrading your character)

And with coins you can play the modes like:

  • Arcade coins    ( so you can play Arcade mode up to 2 times which refill itself every hour)
  • Battle coins     ( so you can play Ranked and Player modes up to 5 which refill itself every 30 minutes)
  • Premium Tickets ( earned by day login or tasks. Can be used for Ranked match for a extra fight, which also earn a Premium Ticket by win or by lose extra experience than normal)
  • Premium Tokens ( Can be bought with real money in Playstation Store. Has the same effect as the Premium Ticket ( very pointless)


For the first time in the Tekken history, there is a upgrading mode called Character Enchancement. By earning fight money you can upgrade your character in 3 classes:

  • Power         ( like strength also you hit harder with your attacks)
  • Endurance ( increase your lifebar)
  • Vigor           ( a higher chance of critical hits or entering Rage mode)

There are two types of special hits, different for each character. Critical Arts and Special Arts. With Critical Arts you can deliver huge damage, which each character has four of them. Special Arts is a one of a kind, which give them a period time of invincibitiy at the beginning of the move. These Arts are recognized by motion blur and following lights during the attack.


The moment I got wind of this game, I directly searched and downloaded the game. This game is a must-have for every Tekken fan or if you like online fighting games. And I ( definitly a fan) enjoy this game until Tekken X Streetfighter release on the Playstation 4 ( already pre-ordered). So until that time or what time ever.

Gameplay 8.0

Originality 7.5

Sounds 7.0

Graphics 7.5

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