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Grand Theft Auto V: A game of elements

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July 17th, 2013

The first thing I noticed when indulging myself in the jaw dropping rollercoaster Rockstar decided to throw at us in just 4.52 minutes were the elements. Meaning all the elements we know in nature. Grand Theft Auto V will be grander then ever!

Why is this of any importance? I decided to sum up things and find out for myself.

Before I go into depth, a little explanation might be necessary: Grand Theft Auto has had 2 fully 3D episodes so far. With a brew of classic and trendsetting gaming elements, they seem to add more value to the elements of nature. If we take a quick stretch over the years: from driving over people in a funny arcade game to flying across skyscrapers in a huge city in a chopper, touching the edges of the current consoles’ capacities and space.

Part V of this well known title is releasing more and more bits of information as we speak. To take a look at it different, here’s some insights I’ve had concerning the elements.


gta5earthFrom streets, buildings, houses and bridges, we can now rampage across dusty desert roads. It looks like the guys and girls at Rockstar really kept a good look at Hollywood style action movies. We see that in earlier episodes, but now it really means something. Being able to jump of a mountain using a chute, greasing the gasoline of your desert bike in the sand. One can imagine the silent liquidations in the middle of a cornfield… Or driving a trunk filled with the local mob boss towards the yellow heated boulders of the nearest empty field next to the city of Los Santos. The forests, mountains and rivers also give the opportunity to hunt animals or to be hunted by!


gta5waterHaving a boat in GTA 1 was something. One boat, if I recall correctly. Water has had a significant role in most of the games, but now we’re allowed to actually dive in the sea or in the lakes and be in complete awe of the beautiful coral reefs found there. But I can’t wait to count the dead bodies with concrete around their feet, the car wrecks and whatever one can find on the bottom. Obviously there will be missions to find stuff or drown goons! Seeing the new possibilities of vehicles, I wonder if there’s a cruise ship we can rob or a submarine we can use for stealth missions. Or is that too much asked? We’ll see in that week in September when there will be no real traffic outside but only inside on your console. Because everybody in the world will play Grand Theft Auto, naturally.


gta5airWe know there’s new missions involving choppers and airplanes. What’s most compelling to me -regarding the first trailer- is that you can call for backup where ever you are. This backup can come from the air (or any other corner of existence) or any other distant place relying on the mission’s position. Air also defines mere distance, we can now zoom out and in to find our co-thiefs at work! Unfortunately, I can never get my pilot in real life because I am a little color blind. More reasons to want to play GTA and jump out my plane. And pull out my chute. Or not. Because I believe the hospital will still be your main spawning point, though I can’t see that in the trailer yet.


gta5fireFire is a steady ally in this game. Since we’re all firing and shooting up everybody. Walking around with a flamethrower was one of the things I liked from the beginning… I’m pretty sure it will return, next to all the bombs, guns and fire spewing exhausts… One thing I know is that the weather will have more part in this game, how exactly we can only see in the trailer as the sun. It’ll be a tropical experience… But I haven’t seen any lightening storms yet.

Time and the weather.

gta5timeIt seems like the new GTA has a real time clock. It looks and feels that way. Since we’re actually going in to missions together, we probably have to plan it by the minute. When we can’t plan our missions correctly, things can turn out crazy. It also looks like day, night, morning, noon, evening is all covered and we need to take steps accordingly. Meaning that we have to plan night attacks in real life.

But, looking at the last games, time was never real time, so the day and night cycle didn’t follow the actual time. It would make a significant difference to the open world experience. Let’s say you’re  home from a tiring day of allowing your boss to piss on you, you might want to roam around Los Santos and feel like you’re driving through the night, pondering your life and slay your boss’s lookalikes while doing it. I surely helps that the time is your friend at that moment…

Let’s say it really is real time, I’m curious how they will do this. Let’s say your friend in New York wants to drive you around in Los Santos, but you’re living in Amsterdam. Then HIS time and weather is different from YOURS. Let’s just wait and see how they will fix this. Let’s hope they don’t use area or region restrictions… Maybe they’ll let you set the time manually…

Here’s the trailer again. I know you can’t get enough of it either.


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