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Epic Anticipated Games E3 2013

It’s about the GAMES. So, we’re not sitting here and whine about what is the most awful console and what to buy or not to buy (that is the question). This article is not about: Price, because it’s always expensive to be a gamer, 2nd hand market/digital rights discussion because I’m sure the people will win, no matter what and always being online or not: I’m always online, so I couldn’t care less if that’s an obligation. I don’t care about Big Brother watching my gaming habits too, because ‘they’ know everything about you already, if you like it or not. I don’t care about console design too, except for the controllers. If the new PS4 looked like a silver coated piece of cow dung I’d still buy it.
Having this out of the way completely, here’s a list (I LOVE lists) of games drawing extra special attention to the EpicDome.com team and the 2 headed community. Enjoy!

RYSE: Son of Rome

Yes, there’s another son (Infamous: 2nd Son). Which is probably awesome, but I like the bombastic and huge battle fields of RYSE: Son of Rome. The trailer feels like ancient D-Day: you and a whole army of Praetorians penetrate a beach where the blood, the fire, the water and the sand flies around you. They’re kicking ass 300 style where you have your typical rectangular shield, where the general commands you to go into formation. Cool view, being inside an actual Roman legion! Very bloody action, huge worlds and very detailed battles. Hardcore action with buckets of gore. Dozens and dozens of soldiers. Looks very promising…

The Order: 1886

A mystic werewolf slayer set in late 19th century London with steam punk influences. Need I say more? How can this not be cool? The overly tasteful intro immediately sets the stage for more. The terror, the shadiness, the on pebbles rattling hooves and retro-modern weaponry. It’s made by God of War creators Santa Monica Studios. It’s set up spooky and very dramatic. Bloody action, burning lycans and highly detailed weapon design… Finally a reason to justify London’s awful weather… I’ve got to play this game!!

Deadfall Adventures

The Mummy meets Indiana Jones meets the first person shooter genre. Why they haven’t they tried this before? It’s staged in 1943, the world is in war and you’re spending your time destroying ancient mummies all around the world. You get to re-kill them in Guatemala, Egypt and other places of the world where they scavenge ancient tombs the way you should: Find treasury, explore, overhaul life-threatening puzzles and if it all fails, solve your problems with bundles of dynamite. This is a game I’d like to play solely because of the mummy slaying. It’s a fresh element next to all the zombies!

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

When I saw this, I just couldn’t believe it. Is that Solid Snake acting all John Marshton from Red Dead Redemption? Yes, it is, or actually Punished Snake. And it’s awesome. It’s an open world Metal Gear Solid game where the life of Snake is your mission. It looks like he’s living a Western bounty hunter kind of lifestyle. He’s riding horses, driving old military Jeeps, saving African child soldiers… That’s very touching for a life known silent neck breaker… The intro movie starts out heart breaking right away, followed by a Solid Snake riding a horse in a sandstorm. Meaning stealth mode driving due to weather conditions. Need I say more?


Being able to embark your own Mech (Titan) in Titanfall and go into war is an awesome idea. It could add to the social value too, because showing off your own Mech Warrior is just too cool. It’s not only that, because having to fight other people inside their Titans when you’re currently not in reach of your own provides a lot of gaming challenges. I fear a little for the success of this game, because if you remove the giant robo-suits out of this game… What remains? Because the audience still wants to play a decent first person shooter. Luckily, embarking your Titan provides a shitload of new possibilities. It’s like playing a double person shooter, because your Titan has abilities, but you can still fire your gun out the machine. Your Titan is flown in and dropped before you and the riding can begin. If it’s destroyed and you survive, you move on. This could be an excellent online experience… Depending on game modes and good net programming.

Smash Bros.Wii U/3DS

It’s more of the same, but it’s always good. Nintendo’s Wii U is urgently in need of new games. That’s why they re-use their games over and over again? So be it. The new Smash Bros. Wii U/3DS comes out on the 3DS and the Wii U, so you can do something between the two games. All they’re saying now is that the two games and devices will communicate. There probably will be differences between the 3DS version and the Wii U version. I’m guessing it’ll have a conjoined battle system so everyone can join in the battle, 3DS or Wii U players. Other things they might add is personalization of the characters… But that’s all speculation for now. We only see the familiar and very upgraded Smash Bros. game play and some character revealing… Always a blast.

Pokémon X & Y

Since being all grown up and so on, I haven’t played a Pokémon game for a while. It’s one of the typical grinding games where you can’t get enough of it, ruining your social life and giving you cramped thumbs. Now this addiction comes in amazing 3D for the first time, while still keeping the colorful and cartoon like design. They’ve added a new type: the Fairy type, super-effective against the Dragon type Pokémon. Having hundreds of creatures already, Nintendo decided to add their Nintendogs element to their all time hand held hit. I see a somewhat dark future with no more crazy cat ladies but with crazy Pokemon ladies instead… Pokémon X & Y are too good. They’re like Odysseus’ ten day ‘vacation’.

Killzone 4: Shadowfall

Killzone 4: Shadowfall can’t be a bad game. The game was shown earlier this year showing off a huge, futuristic and peaceful metropolis being surprise-attacked by the familiar masked invaders. The first minute shows them being up right dark and evil destroying everybody in their way. Reason enough to play this game. It’s one of the Playstation classics, a must play for everyone considering him/herself a serious FPS gamer. While the story seems more of a show off of what’s possible with the new console, it’s about the live configuring your character in online multiplayer. There’s more variety to be seen in means of ending your opponents and huge maps where you can play endless missions while being accompanied by your friends. Your in game experience should be less time influenced, the game director says that some people can be in the game for like 10 hours in a row. When you get in the multiplayer game later on, you can gain extra points destroying the veteran gamer who’s acting cool being the king and all that.


Watchdogs is not being spoilt, softly put. All we see is the same dude executing people, driving cars and hacking peoples bank accounts. It looks a little like a modern Grand Theft Auto… It looks huge, filled with a beautifully crafted 3D world. The driving should be very much innovated, there’s the option to stealth drive. That should be very exciting… Unless clumsy AI makes it all fall into oblivion. You have missions to help out other people. It’s set in modern age Chicago where you’re a special agent, capable of hacking peoples’ lives because everybody’s wired to the system. This game really feels cool, but I can’t really define the outstanding differences with other open world games coming. Still it promises to do a lot with interactive environment and encountering actual smart people.

Dead Rising 3

I’d say Dead Rising 3 is the only game I must play on Xbox One because it’s whacking zombies with your own improvised weapons, overly goring your new zombified existence. One significant change they made was adding the in game missions depending on time -like in the past games- only in the hardest difficulty setting. The developers decided it should be more of a suspense horror game… Which could be a problem for some fans, because of less of Peter Jackson’s Dead Alive/ Braindead-related content. Nevertheless we shouldn’t be worried about this game being great, because the amount of zombies will rise to unreal proportions and the possibilities of the weapon creation are greater and easier. You can combine weapons on the spot. That’s a significant change, because before you’d have to find a workbench to do that. The scenery is an industrial waste land and what remains of a nearby village. The new sequel promises to live up to expectation because the zombies look more real and have better blood and gore. Since you’re now in an actual village, the movement allows more freedom. You can easily climb a zombie free roof or bus. You’re a car mechanic, so your first weapon is a wrench. Obviously, being a car mechanic allows the player to drive cars later on. How does calling in air strikes sound to you?

The Division

Lovely, an multiplayer online open-world action RPG set in post-apocalypic New York. What more can we want? The open world is set up to be very complex so that you must calculate your actions related to an improvised supply system. The world collapses after a human killing virus breaks out on Black Friday in the US. The world is shattered and you’re part of The Division, responsible for safety, defense and order. The world is in chaos, you and your friends are the only shining light in a dark world… It’s brings a lively set up world with Tom-Clancy-precise gaming elements, including using a mobile app to use while you happened to be stranded at your girlfriends granny’s house and play along via map control!! So, you’re like The Matrix’s Tank and you can help your team mates scavenging the area formerly known as Brooklyn. A little like Zombie U, only now you’re helping your friends. It’s said to be able to create an online multiplayer experience actually feeling like a single player experience. That means it gives the same amount of freedom and fits to how you want to play exactly. You can work together, but you’re also free to roam the world yourself. I can’t wait!

Wolfenstein: The New Order

For me, this is easily the most anticipated game. It’s because I like alternate futures and universes, especially containing Nazis. This is exactly that, the world has fallen to a global Nazi empire. That’s a thing I think everybody has thought about every now and then. It’s set up to be an epic single player story driven action adventure. Wolfenstein: The New Order feels like Fall Out 3: New Nazis. For me, a must play and a perfect setting for the first 3D first person shooter ever. The Nazis were known for almost superior technology, so while the world’s set in another time and place, German machinery is downright frightening and intimidating. Robots, superior airplanes, lasers, drones and the like. London Nazi style is where you start out, knowing almost nothing of how the Germans tricked the Americans into developing the A-bomb. A timeless subject you have to research in the detail playing the famous B.J. Blazkowicz. Why did they win the war? That’s for you to find out.

Mad Max

It’s hard to imagine Mad Max without publicly annihilated Mel Gibson, but it’s not hard to imagine the original Thunderdome in game style. This looks like a bombastic, fantastic, hilarious, gruesome, egotastic and over the top action racing game where there aren’t any rules but surviving wild attacks of gangs. It’s being out in the world resolving your own personal vengeance. Gasoline is worth more than food, the desert has endless hidden places to explore and you can basically create your own version of Mad Max including his vehicle. Mad Bob. Mad Andre. Mad Benito. Whatever you want. This road warrior game promises to kick some serious ass later in 2014, when there’s also a new movie coming, starring Bane actor Tom Hardon Hardy.

The Elder Scrolls Online

WoW! That’s literally the first thing coming to mind when getting a glimpse of The Elder Scrolls: Online. It’s going to be the World of Warcraft of consoles. It will rule the planet, people will die holding their controllers, gaming 4 days and nights straight in a row, surviving on Monster sugar bombs. It will be an pandemic of bittersweet gaming addiction where countless of hopeless and desperate parents around the world will be begging Doctor Phil to ask for guidance… After The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim, being more or less the first fully ‘liquid’ role playing gaming experience, this is going to seriously kick some ass. Because Bethesda, because Elder Scrolls, because next gen consoles.

The Crew

Let’s say The Crew is the racing game variant of The Division. It’s also about creating teams online to work together only this time in clan battle races in actual US cities. Let’s hope they’re adding some European and Asian cities for adding difficulty later on. They want to re-define driving game experiences and it really seems like that. You’re out in the streets of great cities and start illegal drag races, compete in set up races by your friends and other events. It’s possible to follow any other friend racing online and follow and play around anywhere you want. It’s an open world racing experience. The races and the battles give a destruction derby impression. Full of action, cars, tracks, cities and other racers. It’s supposed to be mimicking the actual cars but add some dramatic action to spice up the whole. You can build your complete car with a lot of colorful choices and there’s always somebody up for a race. If -again- the social part works out as they say it will, this can also be as game changing.

Star Wars: Battlefront

Star Wars: Battlefront games are always a good play. These games aren’t great box office successes yet the name sells:Spaceballs the Toiletpaper.’ Since Star Wars The Old Republic, a not so successful but free massive multiplayer online role playing game, this is the first thing to hit the stage. DICE, a relatively new studio got total freedom to build a new episode. One thing they don’t want to do is creating a Battlefield/Star Wars cross-over because that would be “too boring” according to DICE. Well, I don’t know about that. Having to take down Emperial Walkers while being on foot myself would definitely work for me. But what it IS going to be, is nothing but well known vagueness. It’s what comes providing only a teaser.


Finally a little more about the decade spanning project, formally known as’Tiger‘, the long expected conjoined production of Destiny. Bungie, responsible for the well known HALO franchise on Xbox, now comes with a collaboration with Activision/Blizzard to change the face of first person shooting gaming forever. It’s an open world shooter, where you can encounter random groups of enemies or your friends who happen to be in the game as well. Like all the other open world games -or a shared world shooter as they like to call it, since they’re re-defining the genre- coming for the next gen consoles and maybe PC, you have total freedom to play in a huge world. Why is it different? They spent 10 whole years developing it while continuously bringing out other titles and using the results of those titles to enhance their Magnus Opus to their combined audience. That’s certainly worth a shot. While developing your character in this endless world, there are new worlds created constantly. There will be a very frequent adding of new downloadable content. This is supposed to be the all in one next gen experience. It’s a huge project containing complete worlds and colonies on different planets. 2014, here we come!!


  • Patrick Verhagen

    Pokemon X and Y will bring back some sentiment! and now finally in 3D!
    Elder scrolls online? what?! really? Awesome!
    And I am also eager to play the new wolfenstein!
    As a matter of fact; I am hoping for a rainy, cold, and long winter at this moment.
    Thanks for giving me (to much) to look forward too 😉

  • Kobus Kunneman

    Mr. List does it again! My favorites: MGSV, 1886, and Killzone. Not yet hyped for the other games.

  • No Nazi slaying? Or mummies? Or Titans? The awesomeness is too much to handle for my squirmy little brain.

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